A vision, not a dream

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to our 2nd place win at Langham Creek last weekend.

Remember the first flyer I made that was all over school in September? “Nationals bound.”

The thought of nationals was laughable at the beginning of the year. But we just beat the defending state champions. Cypress Falls Science Olympiad is a contender for being one of the two teams to represent Texas in the national tournament this year in Orlando.

I hope everyone sees this the same way I do. There’s no way we can allow our team to not capitalize after coming this far and being so close. Focus—regionals is a little more than a month from now.

The Flyer 13-14 COLOUR
Langham Creek SciO

Newton + work

Hopefully by this point in your high school career, you should be intimately familiar with the fact that Newton basically created the laws/theories that govern calculus, physics, and optics as we know it today.

Newton’s period of fantastic creation and intellectual birth came while he was a student at the University of Cambridge. Actually, to say Newton was a student during this time is technically inaccurate – and leads me to the point I am trying to make. You see, Newton did not come up with calculus while he was IN school, because in school he was busy learning (shocker). Newton was only able to come up with his genius theories and derivations after the University of Cambridge was closed because of the Plague that was spreading during that time.

I’m not trying to undermine the value of education at all. But look at Newton: during his period when he was forced out of an education (what could he do about the Plague?), he could not learn anymore. However, he still wanted to think, and so he began to create (and left us with physics and calculus and optics and law of universal gravitation etc etc)

So let’s learn something from Newton: Christmas break is right around the corner. Instead of only using this time to dawdle and waste time on Facebook and Youtube, why don’t we maximize our time and thus our potential by maintaining a healthy balance of time spent with family/friends and time spent with your study materials. (sorry for the redundancy, there really aren’t any good synonyms for ‘time’) Your studying and SO preparation shouldn’t cease just because school lets out.

On that note, hope to see everyone at our social on Dec. 20th :)

On behalf of the officers and Ms. Wuellner, we’d like to thank all the members, parents, volunteers, and all the participants for the incredible amount of work they’ve put in to help make for a successful invitational! Thank you everyone so much, there’s no way everything would work out with you guys! We appreciate all the participants coming back year after year. =)

-Barry Oshiba

sci o cyfalls inviteSMALL

Team Selections

Sorry guys, if you haven’t heard there was a bit of a mishap in team arrangements so the teams that were posted today are NOT accurate. The official and final teams will be emailed to everyone no later than Friday at 8 PM.

It’s probably best that you don’t study until we finalize the teams. Thanks for bearing with us, we promise we’ll do our best to make sure these kinds of screw ups won’t happen again.


our next meeting is wednesday, october 9th, in ms wuellner’s room! we hope to see all of your lovely faces there. :)

also, please please PLEASE make sure you get the diagnostic testing taken care of if you haven’t done so already. Check back to this site regularly, we’ll be doing our best to keep you guys updated on as many platforms as possible!

if we all give 120% to make this year the best we can, our goals will definitely be within our reach. nothing is possible until you try! with that, i will leave you guys with a sense of excitement (hopefully) for our next meeting and the upcoming year. we have exciting things planned so make sure you stay tuned – see everyone wednesday!

New Year!

Hope everyone had a great summer!

Our first meeting is Wednesday, August 18th.

We also have a remind101 this year for SO, so sign up!

text @cfso to 207-518-7681

See you guys August 18th!